Now You Can create the ONLINE STORE Of Your Dreams - Cheaper/Faster Than You Ever Imagined

There are many tools with limited costs that allow the easy creation of online stores. They are intuitive tools that usually include hosting (hosting on a server), the management of updatable content (product photos, description, information on prices, promotions, opinions of other customers, news and videos).

Among them, we can highlight:

All of them they offer hosting and several extras. There are many other advanced and complete tools that include, in addition to accommodation, design templates and store settings, multiple payment gateways, statistical systems, blog creation tools, tools for conducting digital advertising campaigns and control of their results.

The costs of creating an e-commerce are small and range around 50 euros per month if you build it and manage it yourself and opt for very basic solutions. This can be amplified to hundreds of thousands of euros for those complex sites and databases of millions of users. Most of these tools for creating digital stores include valuable testimonials from other users and hundreds of useful tips to help you succeed in your sales. 

Some customers will come to buy with obvious ideas, but others will need tools to help them in their purchasing decisions. For this, there are search engines, virtual shop windows or recommenders. These recommenders and search engines are sophisticated and advanced tools and will not be present in the most basic program solutions.

The recommendations handle different variables, from previous purchases to purchase preference coming from people with a historical similar to ours.

The incorrect management of the demands and searches of our customers will do a great favour to our competitors since they will end up buying in their electronic stores. In the electronic market, there are no space or clemency for cumbersome, complicated, incomplete or uncomfortable stores.

Prices are another vital subject in e-commerce, and the platform should be able to offer a simple system for the client and advanced for the business manager that allows the application of discounts and promotions depending on the activity of each client.

When you buy a boat, sooner or later you will need a fishing rod, a mooring, life jackets, safe navigation, etc. We must have available for our customers, products related to the goods they have already purchased from our store, enabling us to increase the average price for each customer through the practices called “Upselling” and “Downselling”.

The tool with which we develop our store should provide us with enough data so that we understand what is happening and base our decisions on that understanding.


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