How To Win Clients And Influence Markets with the CANVAS Business Model

Once the market research process has been carried out, and the information has been collected, we will be able to develop a CANVAS about our business project to have a simple and understandable reference model:

The CANVAS method is based on applying the work techniques of graphic designers to any business. It is a way to make plans and business models more understandable and to simplify them as much as possible.The designers do not present a model of their finished work, logos, brochures or packaging as they would with a business plan; they progressively test with their clients if they adapt to hypothesis and correct their work based on the comments and indications they receive.

A CANVAS collects who you are going to sell what and what you need to carry it out. 

  • The "what" will define in detail what our product or our service is about, what differences it has with existing products, competitors, substitutes or alternatives. What differential value it brings. What is your unique sales proposition that makes it unmistakable? What composition and detailed characteristics. 
  • The "how" specifies all the necessary steps to undergo for the e-commerce, from the necessary suppliers, the financing of operations, the marketing and promotional actions, the communication, the human resources to facilitate operations and all those necessary tools (mobilised and immobilised). 
  • The "who"precisely defines the target audience to whom our product or service is directed. If they are necessary prescribers or recommenders, what social networks use, what are their buying habits and all those data that can help us better visualise the reason for being of any business, the client.
  • Finally, a detailed analysis of income and expenses will complete the intuitive and easy to understand the radiography of our business model that will seek confirmation from the market: if is profitable, reproducible, scalable and exportable to other markets or other areas.

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